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Save the Earth

Why we shouldn’t frack

Any idea how many wind power plants South Africa has? One. How many wind turbines does that plant have? Four. South Africa as a country has no clue what a decent wind farm is all about. This means that we have no idea how to live off the grid or move towards a more sustainable way of living. Instead, we…

Water wasters!

Gauteng is wasting water (and money)

“Gauteng is wasting water”. Obviously this statement applies for the entire country but for Gauteng it has now been put into nice neat statistics for you: In the 2011/2012 financial year, the Gauteng municipalities lost 480 980 000 kilolitres of water. That is an unfathomably large amount of water. It amounts to no less than a third of the water used in the…

Water Rhapsody: Promoting water conservation

Ground water is shrinking away.

In the previous article, the subject of Gauteng and the Cape Provinces’ water supplies (or lack thereof) was tackled, ending off with the issue of ground water being a finite source of water. Here’s why… Groundwater – a finite source. Nowhere in the history of South African water supply has this be more prominent than in Beaufort West and surrounding…

South Africa: not a drop to drink

South Africa and the dripping time bomb

Reasons why Gauteng is out of water. Gauteng like any other city is forlornly short of finance to upgrade existing and build new sewerage treatment works.  The resultant sewerage flowing into rivers arrives in rivers to dams like Hartebeespoort Dam, and increasingly back into the Vaal.  There this concoction of high BOD (biological Oxygen Demand) water, industrial waste containing heavy…

Is SA out of water? - Water Rhapsody?

Has South Africa Run Out Of Water?

In this succession of articles, I broach the question of whether South Africa has actually run out of water and whether this may be reversed.  Furthermore whether it is possible to rectify the abominable and putrid situation of South Africa’s sewerage treatment works as well as the acid mine drainage threatening to bankrupt Gauteng and outfall downstream areas. The ultimate…

We NEED to save water

Why should we be saving water? If you STILL are unaware of the desperate need for every single person on the planet to save water, this video should give you some idea. Otherwise, read the articles below for more of a push in the right direction. Water conservation should be everyones business and EVERY DROP COUNTS.