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Precious water

Reuse and Recycle Grey Water

Californians are catching on! In the middle of the drought they are struggling through, some individuals are learning to put some of their waste water (grey water) to good use. Water which we would normally throw down the drain, is now used to keep gardens green during water restrictions. It is also a money saver! Grey water from your shower, bath, bathroom hand basin and clothes washing machine and your garden will love it! Water from your toilet or kitchen is classified as “black water”. This video was posted by FOX […]

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Don't throw money down the drain. Save water.

Water Saving is Money Saving

If you have a garden, this article is particularly relevant to you. If you have nothing but one toilet and a tiny bath, you still need to pay attention… According to Dr Ronnie McKenzie, managing director of the engineering company Water Resource Planning, South Africa is overdue for drought. It’s coming and we all need to take a serious look at our own usage. To avoid the hassle of your garden going brown due to water restrictions or an astronomical water bill when prices increase, keep reading. Take a moment […]

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Acid Mine Drainage - where will your drinking water be coming from tomorrow?

South Africa Out of Water?

South Africa out of water?   Gauteng is not the only region to be affected by water outages.   Only a few municipalities achieve the status of a Blue Drop. You would be silly indeed to drink the tap water from anywhere outside Cape Town, Durban and Johannesburg, and the quality will fall from these places too in the very near future requiring filtration at home.   At least the source of water for from the Vaal River is still virgin water and unpolluted by AMD (Acid Mine Drainage). There […]

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Photo by Lawrence Boatwright

SA facing drought

If you’re reading this, you have access to a computer and the internet. Which also means you can probably walk into your kitchen or bathroom, turn on your tap and water will flow and what’s great is; you can drink it! But not everyone is quite as fortunate as you and me… Recently, the Mpumalanga water programme started up and has since provided water to a total of 24 villages. Sounds great, doesn’t it? But that’s not the end of the story. This little project didn’t come cheap: it cost an […]

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Energy & Water

98% of all South African river water is extracted for human use. Of the balance, 50% is polluted beyond use. Maybe you have worked out that this leaves only 1% for the functioning of rivers and estuaries.  Seeing as how we spend so much time talking, reading articles, discussing and listening to politicians providing us with excuses for the energy crisis, we now need to ask: what about water? If Lesotho has a low rainfall period, and the Vaal Dam is emptied, the economic engine will splutter and seize.  It […]

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Gauteng Water – Time for Panic

In Gauteng, about 35% of the water produced by Rand Water is not accounted for; we don’t know how much is lost and how much is simply taken through unauthorised and unmetered connections. The time to act is now, while the dams are full, after good rains. Municipalities need to be reminded that the department will put limits on the amount of water they can take from Rand Water and start programmes to get their water use under control. If they do not, perhaps we can take a lesson from […]

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