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Worst Drought in 100 Years – Southern Cape

By Craig McKune It may be another cold, wet, windy and snowy week throughout the province, but southern Cape farmers say they are battling the worst drought to hit the region in over 100 years. The SA Weather Service has warned of gale-force winds along the southern Cape coast today, along with swells of over five metres all along the Western Cape coastline. Weather forecaster Niek Koegelenberg said the Cape would be hit by a series of cold fronts until Thursday. But for farmers and residents along the Garden Route, […]

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Water Crisis in Southern Cape

Cape Argus. The water crisis in Southern Cape municipalities has reached such crisis proportions that unless “radical steps” are taken, the consequences for the people and economy of the district will be “incalculable”, and could lead to there being “no water” during the first half of next year, says a report. It was estimated that at least R100 million was needed to respond to the crisis in George, Knysna and Mossel Bay alone. A report compiled by Local Government MEC Anton Bredell, shows that: # George this year measured its […]

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The Benefits of Greywater Recycling

Lower fresh water use Greywater can replace fresh water in many instances, saving money and increasing the effective water supply in regions where irrigation is needed. Residential water use is almost evenly split between indoor and outdoor. All except toilet water could be recycled outdoors, achieving the same result with significantly less water diverted from nature. * Less strain on septic tank or treatment plant Greywater use greatly extends the useful life and capacity of septic systems. For municipal treatment systems, decreased wastewater flow means higher treatment effectiveness and lower […]

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Great Design Explains our Water Footprint

Good design can not only help solve our problems, it can also help teach about them. Designer Timm Kekeritz has created a poster that graphically demonstrates the water footprint of the things that we eat, drink and use. The quantities are enormous. (The poster was also written up in SEED magazine, see TreeHugger here) The poster got honorable mention at the recent Eco-vis challenge competiton covered at ::we make money not art. Serif notes that “The design itself is minimalistic – using silhouettes and typography only. The fonts used are […]

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Extreme residential rainwater harvesting

Meet ‘Rain Man’ Jerry Block of Mount Sereno, Calif. whose backyard rainwater harvesting system can collect 20,000 gallons annually. By now you’re probably aware of or a practitioner of rainwater harvesting — the act of collecting rainwater, usually with a rain barrel or two, and using the water to tend to your lawn and/or garden — but have you heard of rainwater hoarding? Neither had I until The Los Angeles Times profiled Jerry Block, a retired anesthesiologist whose intricate backyard rainwater harvesting setup is capable of collecting around 20,000 gallons of rainwater a year. […]

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25 Things You Might Not Want to Know About Water

1. The world is currently in a water crisis. One out of six people worldwide doesn’t have access to clean water. Every year, 2 million people die of diseases caused by a lack of clean water. 2. Regions throughout the world are experiencing water shortages, due to both droughts and overuse of water. Rivers all over the world, including the Columbia River, now dry up before reaching their ends. 3. Companies like Nestle are taking communities’ water for bottling despite public opposition, in the US and abroad. 4. Bottled water […]

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