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Carte Blanche story on Acid Mine Drainage

For those of you like me that missed Sunday’s Carte Blanche story on Acid Mine Drainage, herewith the transcript as recorded on Water Rhapsody franchisee Donovan Reid’s site : A bitter paradox is unfolding in the economic heartland of South Africa: we’re short of water to drink; we are also running out of gold. Yet, as the sun sets on the gold industry, the waters beneath her commercial capital are rising. Bongani Bingwa (Carte Blanche presenter): ‘It’s a thought almost too bizarre to contemplate. But, if nothing is done, from […]

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You are not serious about drinking water from the Vaal river?

Sewage as well as animal blood and offcuts are apparently being dumped into the Vaal River, The Weekender reported on Saturday. An abbatoir in Frankfort was pumping animal blood and offcuts into its evaporation dam which was in turn seeping into the Vaal River, Freedom Front Plus Mafube municipality councillor Peter van der Westhuizen said. “We saw a large area of red in the water. “We are conducting tests to establish exactly what is causing it”. A member of the Blue Scorpions Nigel Adams confirmed the dumping of the animal […]

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