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Is Grey Water Recycling Safe?

Yes. There are eight million greywater systems in the US with 22 million users. In 60 years, there has been one billion system user-years of exposure, yet there has not been one documented case of greywater transmitted illness. (In contrast, 400 Americans get hit by lightning each year.) 1) Greywater has hundreds of times fewer pathogens than combined sewage. Logically, greywater systems could be hundreds of times less effective at sequestering pathogens from people and still be no more dangerous than septic or sewer systems. 2) The past several decades […]

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Our Oceans are Turning into Plastic. Are We?

A vast swath of the Pacific, twice the size of Texas, is full of a plastic stew that is entering the food chain. Scientists say these toxins are causing obesity, infertility…and worse. By Susan Casey, Photographs by Gregg Segal Published: November 2006 [ Updated: Mar 12, 2009 – 6:17:24 PM ] Photo: Courtesy of Matt Kramer/Algalita Marine research Foundation Photo: Courtesy of Matt Kramer/Algalita Marine research Foundation Fate can take strange forms, and so perhaps it does not seem unusual that Captain Charles Moore found his life’s purpose in a […]

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Fat Is The New Slim In Rainwater Harvesting…

Australian company chooses North Carolina for launch of innovative rain harvesting product. PRLog (Press Release) – Sep 09, 2009 – In these tough economic times there are some surprising industries which are still in steady growth – such as the rainwater harvesting sector.  The growing water issues in the Southeast has lead to increasing interest amongst homeowners in capturing the rain that falls on their property. Which is exactly why Australian company Waterwall Designs has brought their contemporary Fatboy 650 gallon rainwater tank to the U.S.  The company specializes in […]

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Living off the Grid – The Kriges of Platbos

Living off the grid is part of the  Water Rhapsody’s goals towards sustainability and water conservation. Once in a while we publish green examples of people who have achieved a lifestyle towards off-grid living. The Krige’s of Platbos Forest are such people. Here follows their story. The Kriges We became the owners of Platbos Forest at the start of 2005. Working and living beneath the canopy of this magical forest is the realization of a mutually held dream to live gently upon the Earth´s surface. Our children, Ayanda and Gustav, […]

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Water Rhapsody footprint

Great Design Explains our Water Footprint

Good design can not only help solve our problems, it can also help teach about them. Designer Timm Kekeritz has created a poster that graphically demonstrates the water footprint of the things that we eat, drink and use. The quantities are enormous. (The poster was also written up in SEED magazine, see TreeHugger here) The poster got honorable mention at the recent Eco-vis challenge competiton covered at ::we make money not art. Serif notes that “The design itself is minimalistic – using silhouettes and typography only. The fonts used are […]

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Solar array provides energy, shade and harvests rainwater

Jerold O’Brien has always been a bit ahead of the curve. He bought his scenic property near Summit Road in the 1970s and planted organic grape vines to make Silver Mountain wines long before it was popular to make wine or be organic. And in May he took the next step by completing what may be the largest solar array in the Santa Cruz Mountains. Living out in the mountains always encourages self-sufficiency. O’Brien’s goal is to obtain all of Silver Mountain’s energy from the solar array — and deliver […]

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