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Los Angeles May Get Mandatory Rainwater Harvesting Law

A new proposed law to go into effect in 2011 could have Los Angeles residents changing their habits when it comes to rainfall. Rather than just complaining that there’s some strange wet substance falling from the sky, all new homes, large developments, and some redevelopment projects will start to appreciate those few rainy days by harvesting and redirecting rainfall. The Department of Public Works has unanimously approved the new ordinance that will require the use of several different methods to capture, reuse or redirect runoff from 3/4 inch or heavier […]

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How to spot a Rain Runner?

Ryan Crossman, Water Rhapsody’s Gauteng master franchise has recently installed a number of new look Rain Runners. The Rain Runner is an integral part of a sustainable rain water harvesting system. It is basically a self cleaning filter box that accepts rain from your roof and directs it into a 40 mm ring pipe that surrounds your premises and takes the water to the storage tanks. It filters out all particles more than 1 mm in size. The Rain Runner was recently redesigned to offer better aesthetics, as a result […]

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Invest in Water or face 30% Shortage

South Africa is heading for a water deficit of between 17 percent and 30 percent in 2030 – and needs to invest $365-million (R2.8 billion) a year to prevent shortages, according to a global water report released in Washington yesterday. The Water Resources Group study, a collaboration between the International Finance Corporation, McKinsey consultants and private companies such as SABMiller, says South Africa faces “tough trade-offs” between water use for agriculture, industrial activities such as mining and power generation and domestic consumption in expanding urban centres. Its best-case scenario projects […]

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Clem Sunter – SA Water could have Eskom type problems

Irrespective of Copenhagen, oil is becoming a scarce commodity with only 90 years of cheap reserves left and peak production expected in the next five years. With any kind of recovery, oil will go straight through $200 a barrel. Since oil revenues are more than all other commodities combined, this could have a major inflationary impact. Water is also moving into the same category. Australia is having to surround itself with desalination plants to cope with rising needs. Desalinated water costs six times more than water from natural sources. South […]

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Werner Neuhoff

Water Rhapsody opens in Mossel Bay/George

Water Rhapsody opened it’s doors in Mossel Bay with our brand new franchisee Werner Neuhoff. Werner holds the franchise in the drought stricken area from Mossel Bay to the Wilderness, including George. By the first week end of business, Werner called for more stock of Water Rhapsody conservation systems as he had already sold out his first consignment – such was the demand in this dry area of South Africa’s beautiful Garden Route.

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Rainwater harvesting – Vertical gardening

Now here is a really cool and smart bit of green designing! Ontario College of Art and Design student Michael Tampilic created this rainwater harvesting vertical terrace, which has been entered into the Rocket 2008 Industrial Graduation Show and Competition. The way it works is pretty brilliant: it connects with your gutter downspout and stores water in a tank, which waters the greenery you plant in the planter boxes. Cotton wicks transport the stored water to the plants. From Rocket 2008: Vert is a rain terrace: a rainwater harvester and […]

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