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Water Rhapsody, save the planet

Not Just Another Statement About Climate Change

The following, beautifully written piece is sourced from ecoearth.info, a site working towards global environmental sustainability (Something the world desperately needs). EARTH MEANDERS Earth Is Dying, Yet Climate and Forest Movements Lack Urgency and Substance Human industrial growth is systematically liquidating the natural ecosystems that are the habitat for humans and for all life. Earth is dying, one logged old-growth tree and tank of gasoline at a time, yet most environmental groups are shilling solutions that are inadequate and ill-conceived – such as logging old-growth forests to protect them. Nothing […]

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Drought & Floods; Intensification of climate patterns

The devastating floods in Queensland may be subsiding, but the weather pattern that caused it is not over – and Sydney could be in the firing line. Sydney’s last major floods were in 1986 and 1988, said the Bureau of Meteorology. In the Liverpool region in 1986, water levels for the Georges River reached the major flood level of 4½ metres while in the North Richmond area in 1986 and 1988, the Hawkesbury River peaked at 12.8 and 14.4 metres, high above the 11-metre major flood level.  Incoming … a […]

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Freshwater Supply per capita expected to Halve

The World Resources Institute rates South Africa’s current yearly renew- able freshwater supply between 1 000 m³ and 1 700 m³ per capita, but this is likely to descrease to less than 500 m³ by 2025. The institute says that any amount less than 1 000 m³ a person means that water stress will start to deter economic develop- ment, environmental sustainability and human health. To prevent this dangerous consequence, South Africa needs to invest R2,6-billion a year in water infrastructure maintenance and development until 2030, or face the possibility […]

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Texas homeowners ask city to OK rainwater irrigation system

As homeowners become more environmentally conscious, they are leading cities into unfamiliar territory. In many cases, people are bringing centuries-old practices, such as rainwater harvesting, into modern urban and suburban areas. Regulations developed for suburbia weren’t written with that in mind, sometimes resulting in red tape as cities catch up with emerging trends. That’s the case in Richardson, Texas, where a resident wants to collect rainwater for landscape irrigation. Because rain harvesting systems aren’t specifically allowed in the city’s code, the only route was to seek zoning approval. It’s a […]

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Desalinated sea water for Cape Town in four years

The energy required to power desalination would drive up the price of water, and consume more non-renewable energy, the price of which is rapidly being felt by South African electricity users. Water Rhapsody provides a means to save up to 90% of your municipal water bill with our water conservation systems. here follows the article in Cape Times today By Melanie Gosling Environment Affairs Cape Times Capetonians could be drinking desalinated seawater in four years’ time when our growing demand for water will have exhausted current supplies. And because desalination […]

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Running Dry in South Africa as Zuma opens Parliament

Twenty years after the release of Nelson Mandela, and the day after the opening of parliament where Zuma promises a year of action, South Africa is still in a desperate water situation. Published by www.Runningdry.org the video incorporates South Africa into the Running Dry campaign. Running dry is committed to working for access to safe, affordable and sustainable water for all.

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