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Load shedding and water

Load shedding may leave you without water

The following article was posted by Health24 in February. Don’t you think it’s time you got your own water and power supply? Capetonians face having to deal with the twin challenges of no electricity AND water, because of Eskom’s load shedding. Load shedding brings with it many challenges but can you imagine not having water and electricity at the same time? This is a possibility for Capetonians, the City of Cape Town confirmed to Health24. The City is working hard!“Load shedding carries with it the risk that water pumps will […]

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Water Rhapsody promotes living off the grid

Wind Power trumps Coal And Gas!

Okay, so it’s in Australia and not knocking at our front door… yet. But Bloomberg New Energy Finance published a new analysis which states that electricity produced by a new wind farm is 14% cheaper than that produced by a new coal-fired power plant and a whopping 18% more worth your while financially than a new gas powered plant. So using energy supplied by the wind is not only better for the environment (in many ways) but it is also beneficial to your wallet. The chief executive of Bloomberg New […]

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Water Rhapsody is against fracking

Methane VS Renewables

Burn it – that is what.  Well that is the answer, and the question is “what do Shell wish to do with the trillions of litres of gas they say they can extract from the Karoo?  They wish to burn the gas to provide electricity which they hope to send into the national electricity grid. Already South Africa is the second highest per capita polluter of the atmosphere when it comes to energy from coal.  You could surround the earth several times at the equator each year with square cubes […]

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Off Grid Garage with Gray Water

Visitors have traveled for miles to see David and Laura Sill’s new garage in Reisterstown. What makes this three-car garage worth the trip is that it was made out of about 200 bales of straw and features a toilet that heats waste into environmentally friendly ash. The Sills’ garage was finished last week, just in time to be part of the B-more, B-Green Solar Tour on Sunday sponsored by the American Solar Energy Society, Potomac Regional Solar Energy Association and several energy-related companies. The self-guided tour featured 10 homes and […]

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Solar array provides energy, shade and harvests rainwater

Jerold O’Brien has always been a bit ahead of the curve. He bought his scenic property near Summit Road in the 1970s and planted organic grape vines to make Silver Mountain wines long before it was popular to make wine or be organic. And in May he took the next step by completing what may be the largest solar array in the Santa Cruz Mountains. Living out in the mountains always encourages self-sufficiency. O’Brien’s goal is to obtain all of Silver Mountain’s energy from the solar array — and deliver […]

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