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Clan William Dam (now at 9%) Photo by Torey Westgarth-Taylor 9/5/2015)

Drought for Western Cape!

The Western Cape is in drought. Dam levels are falling.  One dam – Clan William is down to silt level, and will not deliver any more water this winter for the citrus fruits in the valley, the very period when citrus ripens. The five major supply dams to Cape Town are perilously low for a time of the year when these levels should have started rising.  The authorities including the Department of Water Affairs and the Cape Town Municipality are predictably silent on the water shortage / drought issue. That […]

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Save on your water bill!

Many of us are battling to keep our gardens green and our water bills down. Water is expensive and extremely precious. And it’s running out. Water Rhapsody has all the solutions to all of your water woes. (click here to view an animation of the products) Grey Water Systems: Water Rhapsody can help you reuse your grey water (water from your bath, shower, hand basin and clothes washing machine), keeping your garden green and bringing down your water bill with a Garden Rhapsody. Rainwater harvesting: Water Rhapsody can help you harvest the […]

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Baby in the Bath

Sorry, Water SOLD OUT

People of today are fortunate. More so than most care to acknowledge. Throughout history, there have always been the poor and the rich. The poor in the 21st century don’t have indoor plumbing or fresh running water. But then, neither did the rich 200 years ago. Water is a precious commodity which will surely be the root cause of wars in years to come. Humans cannot survive more than 3 days without water (although personally, a day without water sounds like a cruel form of torture). Now, drinking water is […]

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Acid Mine Drainage - where will your drinking water be coming from tomorrow?

South Africa Out of Water?

South Africa out of water?   Gauteng is not the only region to be affected by water outages.   Only a few municipalities achieve the status of a Blue Drop. You would be silly indeed to drink the tap water from anywhere outside Cape Town, Durban and Johannesburg, and the quality will fall from these places too in the very near future requiring filtration at home.   At least the source of water for from the Vaal River is still virgin water and unpolluted by AMD (Acid Mine Drainage). There […]

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Rainwater harvesting is a Big Idea!

Water Rhapsody has been helping South Africans harvest the rainwater that falls on their roofs since 2000. And yet, “Greenman Dan” thinks he has stumbled onto a new discovery by helping property owners in New Orleans collect the precious resource that is rainwater. But… Better late than never. Granted, for South Africa the need to harvest rainwater for use in your home or on your garden is more dire than in places such as New Orleans who need this innovative idea primarily to reduce the risk of flooding in their streets. This is what has […]

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Load shedding and water

Load shedding may leave you without water

The following article was posted by Health24 in February. Don’t you think it’s time you got your own water and power supply? Capetonians face having to deal with the twin challenges of no electricity AND water, because of Eskom’s load shedding. Load shedding brings with it many challenges but can you imagine not having water and electricity at the same time? This is a possibility for Capetonians, the City of Cape Town confirmed to Health24. The City is working hard!“Load shedding carries with it the risk that water pumps will […]

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