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Why Don’t we Love Water anymore?

M&G SIPHO KINGS-MCDERMOTT It’s easy to forget the importance of water. Most people reading this live in a city — all you have to do is turn a tap. And the quality is almost the best in the world. It’s almost too good. Actually, it is too good and it’s too cheap. We’ve forgotten where water comes from, how valuable it is, and how vulnerable we are because of it. A while ago my dad told me water will be the biggest news story of the 21st century. Many of […]

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Greywater and Rainwater Harvesting

Everyday millions of people, like you, wake up and take a hot shower before starting their day. Some take an evening bath to wind down and relax while they soak in the tub. Daughters enjoy the luxury of a long wash while attending to their locks. For young children bath time is still a game of how to get you wet. The bathroom tap runs while teeth are brushed, hands are washed and beard are shaved. Family loads of washing flood the laundry daily. An average four person household sends […]

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Drought threat to Eastern Cape citrus exports

Fears are growing that the current drought in the Eastern Cape may lead to poor citrus crops in the province’s Patensie and Sundays River Valley areas. This would have a major impact on the province’s economy as the citrus industry is one of its driving forces. Citrus Growers’ Association Patensie director Phillip Dempsey warned the industry would be in trouble if there was not sufficient rainfall by the end of November as there would be no crops available for export. “There has not been sufficient rainfall this year, but the […]

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When is it going to Rain? Googled 53 million times

Johannesburg – SA Weather Service forecasters have been fielding the same question over and over again over the past days – “When is it going to rain?” Unfortunately, for rain lovers, the forecasters are the bearers of bad news. “A whole host of people have asked us that question… from journalists to farmers to bricklayers,” forecaster Puseletso Mofokeng told Sapa. “There is no good news for us, especially not for the farmers. It does appear that it’s quite silent in terms of rainfall.” The only province which seems to be […]

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Cape’s dry winter sees dam levels falling

It was a dry winter, with less than half the long-term average rainfall recorded in July and last month. The Cape Town weather office said the city received only 40.3mm of rain in July and only 31.4mm in August. The rural areas also didn’t get much rain. According to Agri Western Cape, a farm in Franschhoek received 612.5mm between January and August last year and only 472.5mm during the same period this year. A farm in Breede Valley went from 352mm last year to 182.5mm this year. Areas such as […]

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Drought spells ruin for many E. Cape farmers

LAST week’s rains may have brought some relief for drought-stricken Eastern Cape farmers, but many are facing financial ruin if more does not fall soon. Caught in one of the worst droughts in living memory, some farmers on the Sunshine Coast and Albany areas have even sold off cattle while others have been forced to truck in water in a desperate attempt to survive. And while farmers stare down possible financial ruin, several towns in the district have imposed water restrictions as supplies reach dangerously low levels. According to Agri-Eastern […]

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