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Rain Runner for rainwater harvesting

Anyone seen a Rain Runner recently?

Whether it’s for garden irrigation, topping up your pool or for use throughout your home or business, Water Rhapsody can provide you with the means to collect tons of water through the harvesting of rain water. You no longer need to install water tanks close to your house to harvest rainwater. Rainwater tanks can now stand anywhere you like because we get to deliver this water through underground pipes to wherever your water tanks stand; so the rainwater tanks can stand unobtrusively at your home or commercial building. Our Rainwater […]

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Rainwater harvesting with a Rain Runner

Anyone seen a rain runner lately? Water Rhapsody conservation systems makes use of a Rain Runner to capture water from a gutter, filter it, direct the filtered water to the water tank and direct the debris like leaves etc to the drain pipe. The result is clean filtered water that is pumped back into your home for use in the shower, bath, toilets, washing machine, dishwasher or whever else it is used. Together with a greywater re-use system, Water Rhapsody can save you up to 90% of your municipal water […]

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Get a Water Tank Installed in your Home Now

There are a number of factors which make the installation of a water tank in your home a very viable and green idea: * Having your own ‘reserve’ supply of water allows you to cater for any eventuality ranging from prolonged drought to ‘water outages’ as a means of curbing demand. * A water tank will save you money in the long run. * Harvesting rainwater is an environmentally sustainable practice. Every drop you capture means less water taken from our dwindling resources during the dry months. * The Water […]

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How to spot a Rain Runner?

Ryan Crossman, Water Rhapsody’s Gauteng master franchise has recently installed a number of new look Rain Runners. The Rain Runner is an integral part of a sustainable rain water harvesting system. It is basically a self cleaning filter box that accepts rain from your roof and directs it into a 40 mm ring pipe that surrounds your premises and takes the water to the storage tanks. It filters out all particles more than 1 mm in size. The Rain Runner was recently redesigned to offer better aesthetics, as a result […]

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