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Load shedding and water

Load shedding may leave you without water

The following article was posted by Health24 in February. Don’t you think it’s time you got your own water and power supply? Capetonians face having to deal with the twin challenges of no electricity AND water, because of Eskom’s load shedding. Load shedding brings with it many challenges but can you imagine not having water and electricity at the same time? This is a possibility for Capetonians, the City of Cape Town confirmed to Health24. The City is working hard!“Load shedding carries with it the risk that water pumps will […]

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Water Rhapsody promotes clean energy

Learn To Be Self Sufficient

ESKOM is the undisputed, largest single user of water in South Africa. Medupi, the largest coal fired power station in the world yet to come on stream will be cooled by dry coolers, that come at a huge cost.  15% of the energy generated will be lost to cooling.  If the power is to be delivered to Cape Town some 2000 kilometres from Medupi, then this will be the furthest power line delivery in the world.  The loss in the transport of this power will be a further 25%.  The […]

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There’s Never Been a Better Time for Americans to Go Off the Grid

The American economy is close to double dip, and ordinary Americans are wondering whether they can trust the government to protect them through the times that may be just around the corner. US retail sales fell 1.1% in May and 0.5% in June. Manufacturing output fell 0.4% in June. The Philly Index for new manufacturing orders fell to -4.3 in July. Other confidence indicators are also falling, and as we wonder what might be ahead of us, some Americans are taking out an insurance policy — by going off the […]

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Harvest your Rainfall – Wash your Girlfriend’s Hair with Rain

The rainwater harvesting process begins with water tanks to store your harvested water. Any Water Rhapsody dealer will give you a quote on a water tank and the installation thereof. Of course water needs to be filtered otherwise the rainwater tank will end up full of leaves and whatever else comes off your roof. Mosquitoes like water tanks, so it is important to ensure the filter has a mesh fine enough to prevent mosquitoes getting through. Again, our Water Rhapsody dealers will advise you on the best way to do […]

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Off Grid Garage with Gray Water

Visitors have traveled for miles to see David and Laura Sill’s new garage in Reisterstown. What makes this three-car garage worth the trip is that it was made out of about 200 bales of straw and features a toilet that heats waste into environmentally friendly ash. The Sills’ garage was finished last week, just in time to be part of the B-more, B-Green Solar Tour on Sunday sponsored by the American Solar Energy Society, Potomac Regional Solar Energy Association and several energy-related companies. The self-guided tour featured 10 homes and […]

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Is Living Off the Grid Right For You?

Like many things in the greater green sphere, living off the grid — that is, without reliance on public utilities for things like electricity and water — has jumped into national prominence over the past few years; if Daryl Hannah is doing it, we should all be aware of it. There’s an awful lot to like about living off-grid, and it’s a little different for everybody, but in many cases it requires a few lifestyle modifications and a different day-to-day routine. So, how do you know if you should live […]

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