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Is SA out of water? - Water Rhapsody?

Has South Africa Run Out Of Water?

In this succession of articles, I broach the question of whether South Africa has actually run out of water and whether this may be reversed.  Furthermore whether it is possible to rectify the abominable and putrid situation of South Africa’s sewerage treatment works as well as the acid mine drainage threatening to bankrupt Gauteng and outfall downstream areas. The ultimate restriction to growth of a city is lack of water.  Indeed when one looks back in history migratory Homo sapiens flocked to geographical areas of plentiful water.  South Africa never […]

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A fracked landscape

Do. Not. Frack. Our. Karoo!

Forever is a long time. Well that is how long the wells that Shell and other potential Frackers need to make their wells last.  Experts for Shell say that these wells will be built of steel and concrete and that they will never allow their fracking fluids to penetrate into the surrounding soil and more importantly – water.  This of course is a preposterous assertion, and sooner rather than later their noxious concoctions will start to creep into the groundwater.  For the record, Bonang Mohale of Shell refuses to answer […]

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Telescope karoo

A Telescospe may save our Mutton

The one molecule scientists hope to find on any planet to check for life may very well save much of our water in South Africa. The announcement which will hopefully be made next month (March or April 2012) to build the SKA (Square Kilometre Array) Telescope will have so many direct benefits to the whole of South Africa. These will include a capital investment of 15 billion in capital expenditure and an annual but escalating budget of 1.5 billion per annum in perpetuity. This is the most exciting project the […]

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ska bid

Fracking won’t impact on SKA bid

There seems to be little chance that oil giant Shell’s plans to prospect for shale gas in the Karoo Basin using the “fracking” method will have an impact on South Africa’s bid to host the square kilometre array (SKA) radio telescope. Science and Technology Minister Naledi Pandor said this in a written reply to the National Council of Provinces. “An application can only have impact if granted,” she said. “If the Shell application is granted, and if Shell uses communication systems with frequency ranges that interfere with radio telescope operations, […]

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Shell lied to us – Rupert on Moneyweb transcript

“It could cause more ecological damage than the oil spill in Mexico,” says Johann Rupert ALEC HOGG: It’s Wednesday February 2 2011 and in this special podcast we speak with the chairman of Richemont, Johan Rupert, not about Richemont’s issues but more about what is going on in the Karoo. Johan, your family, in fact, has deep roots into the Karoo, looking through your father’s biography by Ebbe Dommisse, your great, great grandfather came to South Africa in 1858 to a town called Graaff-Reinet and on Friday, Graaff-Reinet was the […]

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