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SA’s looming disaster – This from News 24

News 24, Emma Thelwell. Cape Town – Gauteng’s water was recently switched off because it was “so close to the edge” – and that’s just the beginning. The rest of the country is running on empty unless government spends 100 times more to secure our water supply. In more than half of the country, South Africans are using more water than what’s available. We are already using 98% of our available water supply, and 40% of our waste water treatment is in a “critical state”. A staggering 37% of our […]

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Is South Africa facing a water crisis? Helgard Muller – chief director: water services, DWA

ALEC HOGG: In this excerpt we speak with Helgard Muller, who is the chief director of the Department of Water Affairs. Your department has come under quite a lot of public scrutiny recently, not least because it appears as though the 850 municipal sewerage plants are creaking, if not under strain. Perhaps you could give us an indication from your side, whether the reports have been exaggerated or whether we really have a problem. … HELGARD MULLER: There are deep concerns. I think there are deep concerns around many municipalities […]

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Carte Blanche story on Acid Mine Drainage

For those of you like me that missed Sunday’s Carte Blanche story on Acid Mine Drainage, herewith the transcript as recorded on Water Rhapsody franchisee Donovan Reid’s site : A bitter paradox is unfolding in the economic heartland of South Africa: we’re short of water to drink; we are also running out of gold. Yet, as the sun sets on the gold industry, the waters beneath her commercial capital are rising. Bongani Bingwa (Carte Blanche presenter): ‘It’s a thought almost too bizarre to contemplate. But, if nothing is done, from […]

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Water Rhapsody

4 Classic Rules for Re-cycling Grey Water

Grey water is defined as water from baths, showers, hand basins and clothes washing machines or the laundry.  Any water from any other source   ( toilet water,  kitchen and bidet’s) is considered black water, and must be allowed to proceed to the sewer, and be treated by some sort of sewerage treatment works. Grey water is the biggest contributor to wastage of water and though knowledge of this very useful source is growing generally this knowledge is still woeful. In this form at best 33% of water consumed in the […]

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You are not serious about drinking water from the Vaal river?

Sewage as well as animal blood and offcuts are apparently being dumped into the Vaal River, The Weekender reported on Saturday. An abbatoir in Frankfort was pumping animal blood and offcuts into its evaporation dam which was in turn seeping into the Vaal River, Freedom Front Plus Mafube municipality councillor Peter van der Westhuizen said. “We saw a large area of red in the water. “We are conducting tests to establish exactly what is causing it”. A member of the Blue Scorpions Nigel Adams confirmed the dumping of the animal […]

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SA in a R56bn water crisis

Melanie Gosling, Cape Times June 17th Western Cape municipalities need to spend R6.6bn to replace decaying water and sanitation infrastructure in local authorities throughout the province. This was one of the findings of an audit commissioned by the Department of Co-operative Governance and Traditional Affairs, which said it would take a massive R56bn to fix the crumbling water and sanitation infrastructure throughout the country. The Western Cape municipalities whose water and sanitation infrastructure are in the worst condition are Knysna, Drakenstein, Stellenbosch and Breede Valley. The report which described the […]

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