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Save on your water bill!

Many of us are battling to keep our gardens green and our water bills down. Water is expensive and extremely precious. And it’s running out. Water Rhapsody has all the solutions to all of your water woes. (click here to view an animation of the products) Grey Water Systems: Water Rhapsody can help you reuse your grey water (water from your bath, shower, hand basin and clothes washing machine), keeping your garden green and bringing down your water bill with a Garden Rhapsody. Rainwater harvesting: Water Rhapsody can help you harvest the […]

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Precious water

Reuse and Recycle Grey Water

Californians are catching on! In the middle of the drought they are struggling through, some individuals are learning to put some of their waste water (grey water) to good use. Water which we would normally throw down the drain, is now used to keep gardens green during water restrictions. It is also a money saver! Grey water from your shower, bath, bathroom hand basin and clothes washing machine and your garden will love it! Water from your toilet or kitchen is classified as “black water”. This video was posted by FOX […]

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Baby in the Bath

Sorry, Water SOLD OUT

People of today are fortunate. More so than most care to acknowledge. Throughout history, there have always been the poor and the rich. The poor in the 21st century don’t have indoor plumbing or fresh running water. But then, neither did the rich 200 years ago. Water is a precious commodity which will surely be the root cause of wars in years to come. Humans cannot survive more than 3 days without water (although personally, a day without water sounds like a cruel form of torture). Now, drinking water is […]

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Grey Water is Good Water

Grey Water is defined as water from baths, showers, hand basins and the laundry. Strangely, the name comes from its colour, but in all seriousness, the re-use of this source of water (until twenty years ago) was unheard of.  Here are six of very serious reasons for making use of grey water. Grey water as a source of irrigation water is not subject to water restriction. Even in times of drought – gardens need not go brown. Grey water is troublesome in sewers. A sewer full of a mixture of […]

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Don't throw money down the drain. Save water.

Water Saving is Money Saving

If you have a garden, this article is particularly relevant to you. If you have nothing but one toilet and a tiny bath, you still need to pay attention… According to Dr Ronnie McKenzie, managing director of the engineering company Water Resource Planning, South Africa is overdue for drought. It’s coming and we all need to take a serious look at our own usage. To avoid the hassle of your garden going brown due to water restrictions or an astronomical water bill when prices increase, keep reading. Take a moment […]

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Water Rhapsody Saves Water

A Short History

I started Water Rhapsody in 1994 after having served for some years as a Cape Town City Councillor, during which time I was alerted to the fact that South Africa would soon run out of water. I was convinced that the way to create more available water would be to get consumers to cut down on water usage.  In 1997 Professor Kader Asmal announced the conclusion of what he termed “The Western Cape System Analysis” which reported: Ways must be found to use less water and Ways should be found […]

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