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Precious water

Reuse and Recycle Grey Water

Californians are catching on! In the middle of the drought they are struggling through, some individuals are learning to put some of their waste water (grey water) to good use. Water which we would normally throw down the drain, is now used to keep gardens green during water restrictions. It is also a money saver! Grey water from your shower, bath, bathroom hand basin and clothes washing machine and your garden will love it! Water from your toilet or kitchen is classified as “black water”. This video was posted by FOX […]

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Baby in the Bath

Sorry, Water SOLD OUT

People of today are fortunate. More so than most care to acknowledge. Throughout history, there have always been the poor and the rich. The poor in the 21st century don’t have indoor plumbing or fresh running water. But then, neither did the rich 200 years ago. Water is a precious commodity which will surely be the root cause of wars in years to come. Humans cannot survive more than 3 days without water (although personally, a day without water sounds like a cruel form of torture). Now, drinking water is […]

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Don't throw money down the drain. Save water.

Water Saving is Money Saving

If you have a garden, this article is particularly relevant to you. If you have nothing but one toilet and a tiny bath, you still need to pay attention… According to Dr Ronnie McKenzie, managing director of the engineering company Water Resource Planning, South Africa is overdue for drought. It’s coming and we all need to take a serious look at our own usage. To avoid the hassle of your garden going brown due to water restrictions or an astronomical water bill when prices increase, keep reading. Take a moment […]

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Help keep our rivers clean

Save Water. Save Our Rivers.

An unacceptable level of sewage is entering the Big and Little Lotus Canals which flow into Zeekoevlei, a known recreation body of water situated in the highly populated Cape Flats. However, surprisingly, Zeekoevlei itself was not too badly polluted as its compliance level with the intermediate contact recreational guideline was 83% compared to the 24% compliance of the Big and Little Lotus Canal tributaries. The statistics for pollution in the well-known body of water are included in the latest Inland and Coastal Water Quality Report from October 2011, till September […]

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Greywater and Rainwater Harvesting

Everyday millions of people, like you, wake up and take a hot shower before starting their day. Some take an evening bath to wind down and relax while they soak in the tub. Daughters enjoy the luxury of a long wash while attending to their locks. For young children bath time is still a game of how to get you wet. The bathroom tap runs while teeth are brushed, hands are washed and beard are shaved. Family loads of washing flood the laundry daily. An average four person household sends […]

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Cape Town Drought Cycle. Should Water Tanks be Mandatory?

Over the six past decades, there has been a drought cycle every six to seven years. The last time Cape Town was in adrought was 2004. I have watched this in Cape Town since 1965 when I can first remember the newspapers reporting the dam levels every day, and this has been the case to a greater or lesser extent for the past forty years. We have always been able to augment further supply by building an additional dam, but not so anymore.  There is not another single place or […]

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