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Grey to Green in California. The case for Greywater.

ABC News If water is the next battleground for a globe facing dwindling water resources, then this 1960s-style community center at the northern end of Los Angeles’ Koreatown is at the forefront of the fight. On this day, Laura Allen, cofounder of Greywater Action, a group that encourages conserving and reusing household water, is in her fourth of a five-day workshop teaching Californians how to reclaim and recycle what has been dubbed “gray water.” Typically, gray water includes the discharge from washing machines, sinks, showers, and tubs, which is then […]

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MTN goes Green with Grey Water

With many companies around the world being under pressure to adopt environmentally-friendly practices while still reducing costs in challenging economic times, MTN South Africa has embarked on a mission to make its 14th Avenue head office completely environmentally friendly in the next two years. The ‘Greening 14th Avenue’ initiative by MTN is being driven not by idealistic environmentalists, but by two senior executives who have combined their financial backgrounds with a passion for change that starts in MTN’s backyard. Now with approximately 17 million customers and thousands of employees across […]

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Grey Water Saves Avis 95 million liters of Water pa.

Water is South Africa’s most precious resource and one which requires the utmost conservation attention by industries where it is consumed in significant quantities. You can imagine that the car rental business is a high consumer of water and probably the highest in the service (non production) industry, where on average in South Africa, around 8000 vehicles are washed every day. That is a lot of water and most of this simply goes down the drain….., but not so at Avis. When Avis set out to upgrade its major facilities […]

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Grey Water in the United States

Grey water is a largely untapped resource in the United States today. It is a free source of water that can safely be used to water plants and flush toilets. What Exactly Is Greywater? Grey water is also known as greywater, gray water, or graywater. Sometimes it is referred to as sullage. Grey water is any water, except from the toilet, that has been previously used. Water from showers, baths, washing dishes, mopping floors, and laundry is all considered grey water. Up to 80% of the water use in the […]

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Water Rhapsody

4 Classic Rules for Re-cycling Grey Water

Grey water is defined as water from baths, showers, hand basins and clothes washing machines or the laundry.  Any water from any other source   ( toilet water,  kitchen and bidet’s) is considered black water, and must be allowed to proceed to the sewer, and be treated by some sort of sewerage treatment works. Grey water is the biggest contributor to wastage of water and though knowledge of this very useful source is growing generally this knowledge is still woeful. In this form at best 33% of water consumed in the […]

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