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Saving the environment, saving money

Environmental and Money Saving Methods

In today’s global economy, money is pretty tight for all of us. Whether you run your own business, work for someone else, study,  work for your kids, whatever the case may be, you need to watch your wallet. Additionally, we need to pay more and more attention to the environment. Going green in business or at home doesn’t necessarily mean paying a fortune for solar power or whatever else (although that doesn’t cost a fortune these days and is still highly recommended). Here are some simple GREEN ways to save […]

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Carte Blanche story on Acid Mine Drainage

For those of you like me that missed Sunday’s Carte Blanche story on Acid Mine Drainage, herewith the transcript as recorded on Water Rhapsody franchisee Donovan Reid’s site : A bitter paradox is unfolding in the economic heartland of South Africa: we’re short of water to drink; we are also running out of gold. Yet, as the sun sets on the gold industry, the waters beneath her commercial capital are rising. Bongani Bingwa (Carte Blanche presenter): ‘It’s a thought almost too bizarre to contemplate. But, if nothing is done, from […]

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Is the Grass Greener in California?

Green is good — right? Not necessarily when it comes to lawns, according to a new study by UCI researchers. For the first time, scientists compared the amount of greenhouse gases stored by ornamental turfgrass to the amount emitted in the irrigation, fertilizing and mowing of the same plots. In four parks near Irvine, they calculated that emissions were similar to or greater than the amount of carbon dioxide stored through photosynthesis — a finding relevant to policymakers seeking to control the gases that trap heat in the atmosphere and […]

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Grey to Green in California. The case for Greywater.

ABC News If water is the next battleground for a globe facing dwindling water resources, then this 1960s-style community center at the northern end of Los Angeles’ Koreatown is at the forefront of the fight. On this day, Laura Allen, cofounder of Greywater Action, a group that encourages conserving and reusing household water, is in her fourth of a five-day workshop teaching Californians how to reclaim and recycle what has been dubbed “gray water.” Typically, gray water includes the discharge from washing machines, sinks, showers, and tubs, which is then […]

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Worst Drought in 100 Years – Southern Cape

By Craig McKune It may be another cold, wet, windy and snowy week throughout the province, but southern Cape farmers say they are battling the worst drought to hit the region in over 100 years. The SA Weather Service has warned of gale-force winds along the southern Cape coast today, along with swells of over five metres all along the Western Cape coastline. Weather forecaster Niek Koegelenberg said the Cape would be hit by a series of cold fronts until Thursday. But for farmers and residents along the Garden Route, […]

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Daryl Hannah – Grey Water and Living off the grid

Daryl Hannah brings a personal sweetness and actor’s intensity to the stage of environmentalism, a term she doesn’t like. Like many environmental terms — green, eco, sustainability, organic – “companies have co-opted and glommed onto these words,” she told an audience in Fort Worth this week. Luckily, she says the public is learning to be more informed. “People are making ethical choices that help all living things to thrive, not to just sustain,” said the casually dressed actress who has starred in many memorable films such as Splash (with Tom […]

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