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Los Angeles May Get Mandatory Rainwater Harvesting Law

A new proposed law to go into effect in 2011 could have Los Angeles residents changing their habits when it comes to rainfall. Rather than just complaining that there’s some strange wet substance falling from the sky, all new homes, large developments, and some redevelopment projects will start to appreciate those few rainy days by harvesting and redirecting rainfall. The Department of Public Works has unanimously approved the new ordinance that will require the use of several different methods to capture, reuse or redirect runoff from 3/4 inch or heavier […]

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Rainwater Harvesting – embracing the concept

Water Rhapsody, with 15 years experience in water conservation, is number 1 in South Africa in Rainwater harvesting systems. Our rainwater harvesting system, the Water Rhapsody Grand Opus collects rainwater filtered through Rain Runners, and via water tank storage is then pumped back into the house for re-use in all areas save for drinking water. In combination with our grey water systems,  Water Rhapsody can reduce municipal water bills by up to 90%. While grey water systems have been the mainstay of the Water Rhapsody business over the past 15 […]

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