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Precious Water

Fresh Water Shortage: The Next Global Crisis

    Recently, The Guardian posted an article online about the “Why fresh water shortages will cause the next great global crisis“. The article explains how drought has already become a serious issue on a global scale. With a rapid rise in global populations and a change in global climate, there simply isn’t enough water to keep us all going. Across the globe, reports reveal huge areas in crisis today as reservoirs and aquifers dry up. More than a billion individuals – one in seven people on the planet – now […]

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Save Water with Water Rhapsody

Saving Water To Save Ourselves.

Water (clean, fresh water) is a valuable, irreplaceable resource that we, as the human race are slowly depleting. Water pollution is becoming a serious issue across the globe. In just the last week, problems have arisen that shows how desperate the situation is: At Fukushima (a nuclear power plant in Tokyo), it was reported that a radioactive water leak has occurred. A water source at Wonderboom near Pretoria which forms part of the catchment for the Crocodile River has been polluted with petrol. Sounds serious to some but others may […]

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Where does our water come from?

“South Africa needs to be more sensible about the use and management of land and water resources. The more we reduce the ecosystems’ ability to deliver clean fresh water, the less water secure we will be and the greater the cost we will have to pay for our water,” says Mark Botha, Head of WWF’s conservation programmes. This week (20-27 March) marks South Africa’s National Water Week 2011, and the theme for this year is, “Water for cities: addressing the urban water challenge.” “Many South Africans, especially those living in urban areas do […]

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Water,essential to life. Use it, don’t abuse it

Water is a remarkable substance – central to life, it feeds our nations, drives our industry, washes away our troubles, quenches our thirst, and brings beauty and pleasure into our lives. Barbara Schreiner South Africa is a country that, contrary to belief, does not have an abundant supply of water and could well be described as a semi desert region with a water shortage. The average rainfall of South Africa is 397mm, compared with a world average of 860mm. The distribution of water on the earth Salt Water 97% Brackish […]

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Water Shortage looms for China, India

NEW DELHI/BEIJING: A fight breaks out as student Vikas Dagar jostles with dozens of men, women and children to fill buckets from a water tank truck that brings water twice a week to the village of Jharoda Kalan on the outskirts of New Delhi. Nineteen hundred miles away, near Xi’an in central China, power-plant worker Zhou Jie stands on the mostly dry bed of the Wei River, remembering when he used to fish there before pollution made the catch inedible. Dagar and Zhou show the daily struggle with tainted or […]

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Global water crisis sparks surge in Desalination

The world’s unquenchable thirst for clean water drove a record increase in the desalination of seawater and reuse of sewage last year, new figures reveal, as water-stressed countries around the world try to build their way out of trouble. Making fresh water from the sea was once the preserve of cruise ships and oil-rich Gulf states that could afford the huge cost of energy required to remove the salt. But as rivers, lakes and aquifers dry up, rains become less reliable, and the cost of desalination has fallen, communities in […]

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