Could we have a new Eskom called WaterKom?

water infrastructure issues

According to Financial Mail, SA could set up an Eskom style firm to manage water resources in South Africa. For a second time in 10 years, government will attempt to set up an Eskom-style agency to manage SA’s large water infrastructure investments. It will own, finance, operate and maintain critical national water infrastructure such as […]

South Africa and the dripping time bomb

South Africa: not a drop to drink

Reasons why Gauteng is out of water. Gauteng like any other city is forlornly short of finance to upgrade existing and build new sewerage treatment works.  The resultant sewerage flowing into rivers arrives in rivers to dams like Hartebeespoort Dam, and increasingly back into the Vaal.  There this concoction of high BOD (biological Oxygen Demand) […]

Power Competition between Cars and Water. Chapter 1


We have new competition for supply from electrical generation. This edition of water versus cars et al is over five chapters. We look at the carbon dioxide emission of producing electrical energy for the purposes of domestic use, energy hungry desalination of sea water and electrical car scooter and bicycle use. We look at giveaway […]

Could SA run out of water by 2020?

South Africans must brace themselves for steep water tariff increases in the coming months, water experts have warned. Though the exact increases are yet to be calculated, the impending increases would be similar to the astronomical electricity tariff hikes that hit South Africa early last year. The proposed increases follow last month’s warning that South […]