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Why Don’t we Love Water anymore?

M&G SIPHO KINGS-MCDERMOTT It’s easy to forget the importance of water. Most people reading this live in a city — all you have to do is turn a tap. And the quality is almost the best in the world. It’s almost too good. Actually, it is too good and it’s too cheap. We’ve forgotten where water comes from, how valuable it is, and how vulnerable we are because of it. A while ago my dad told me water will be the biggest news story of the 21st century. Many of […]

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South Africa’s Water Time Bomb

By Tony Carnie Trade unions are turning up pressure on the government to tackle the country’s dirty water “time bomb” as a matter of urgency – or face the prospect of national protest action. The Federation of Unions of SA (Fedusa), the second-largest trade union group in the country, warned yesterday that the government was neglecting the management of clean water, including scores of overflowing sewage treatment works that should be placed in “intensive care”. Fedusa said it would prefer to see the problems resolved in the interests of the […]

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Drought threat to Eastern Cape citrus exports

Fears are growing that the current drought in the Eastern Cape may lead to poor citrus crops in the province’s Patensie and Sundays River Valley areas. This would have a major impact on the province’s economy as the citrus industry is one of its driving forces. Citrus Growers’ Association Patensie director Phillip Dempsey warned the industry would be in trouble if there was not sufficient rainfall by the end of November as there would be no crops available for export. “There has not been sufficient rainfall this year, but the […]

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Carte Blanche story on Acid Mine Drainage

For those of you like me that missed Sunday’s Carte Blanche story on Acid Mine Drainage, herewith the transcript as recorded on Water Rhapsody franchisee Donovan Reid’s site : A bitter paradox is unfolding in the economic heartland of South Africa: we’re short of water to drink; we are also running out of gold. Yet, as the sun sets on the gold industry, the waters beneath her commercial capital are rising. Bongani Bingwa (Carte Blanche presenter): ‘It’s a thought almost too bizarre to contemplate. But, if nothing is done, from […]

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