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Clem Sunter predicts the future for 2010

Here is a list of breaking futures for 2010. These are issues and events that we think will make the headlines over the next twelve months. 1. Yoyonomics We are in a recession resembling a corrugated ā€˜Uā€™. The global economy will yoyo up and down in a narrow band with positive and negative flags confusing the picture of whether a genuine recovery is taking place. Until America sorts out its total debt which now stands at $57 trillion (more than four times its GDP), a sustainable recovery cannot take place. […]

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Clem Sunter – SA Water could have Eskom type problems

Irrespective of Copenhagen, oil is becoming a scarce commodity with only 90 years of cheap reserves left and peak production expected in the next five years. With any kind of recovery, oil will go straight through $200 a barrel. Since oil revenues are more than all other commodities combined, this could have a major inflationary impact. Water is also moving into the same category. Australia is having to surround itself with desalination plants to cope with rising needs. Desalinated water costs six times more than water from natural sources. South […]

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