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Cape Town intensifies water restrictions

Cape Town intensified water restrictions as South Africa’s worst drought in more than two decades left the city’s dam levels lower than normal. Users are required to cut water consumption by 20 percent from 10 percent, the City of Cape Town municipality said in a statement on its website. The restrictions started on Jan. 1. The curbs have been initiated to “preserve the long-term sustainability of the resource,” it said. A strengthening El Nino weather pattern has brought dry conditions to the sub-Saharan region, prompting South Africa’s weather service to […]

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theewaterskloof drought

Cape Town dams continue to fall at unprecedented rates

Storage levels from 2011 – 2015 28 December 2015 DAM BULK STORAGE               CAPACITY % % % % Current week Previous week   Ml 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 21 Dec WEMMERSHOEK 58,644 76.6 88.5 91.3 77.2 59.7 60.5 STEENBRAS LOWER 33,517 71.8 77.1 85.4 64.5 62.9 65.1 STEENBRAS UPPER 31,767 93.6 92.1 98.0 97.0 77.5 77.7 VOËLVLEI 164,095 76.9 83.4 89.3 83.0 31.5 32.8 THEEWATERSKLOOF 480,188 75.2 90.3 95.1 86.1 60.7 62.7 BERG RIVER 130,010 89.6 92.0 98.6 90.8 66.9 70.4 TOTAL STORED 898,221 702,364 797,200 […]

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Imagine a day without water

Gauteng residents to experience days without Water

Gauteng residents could soon experience water supply cuts during some periods of the day.  Rand Water says the demand for water is outstripping the supply. It says to meet this rising demand it is forced to supply water from the reservoirs which reduces the stored water capacity, putting the province in a vulnerable position. “We might in certain cases have to take measures. We have empowered Rand Water to look at consumption level trends. If there is a need to cut supply of water particularly during certain hours to privilege reservoirs […]

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gauteng streets

Business Opportunities in Gauteng

Water has reached its tipping point in South Africa. Very similar to when Eskom started load shedding. And no more so than in Gauteng where there is huge demand for Water Rhapsody solutions and not enough Water Rhapsody trained franchisees to deal with all the inquiries and demand. We are looking for franchisees around the country, but Gauteng by its sheer size and susceptibility to water outages and drought conditions, has given us a fright as to how the country is on a knife edge with regards to water supply […]

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South Africa’s coming drought

When we have lots of water, sooner or later there will be a drought. But when there has been higher than average rainfall for eleven years, most have forgotten what drought is, or that higher than average rain will continue to fall indefinitely. On the contrary! The time to save water is when we have at least some. Best practice would be to keep the dams full rather than bounce along at the bottom which is happening at the moment. We have been warning the various departments of water affairs […]

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