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Save the Earth

Why we shouldn’t frack

Any idea how many wind power plants South Africa has? One. How many wind turbines does that plant have? Four. South Africa as a country has no clue what a decent wind farm is all about. This means that we have no idea how to live off the grid or move towards a more sustainable way of living. Instead, we want to destroy one of our most beautiful landscapes by drilling giant poison holes into it. Yes, Shell, I’m talking to you. Don’t frack the Karoo. It isn’t even slightly […]

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biggest, oldest tree. cut down.

“Our” changing Earth

The Earth (OUR Earth) is changing. Climate change is hitting the world from all angles. We complain bitterly about the changing weather and the many natural disasters associated with this change. But don’t worry. The Earth will be okay. Even if it takes a million years to put itself right, it will get there. But will we? Will the Earth still be OUR Earth when it is eventually healthy again? We have chopped down trees that were older than we can fathom. Some of the trees we cut down are […]

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Saving the environment, saving money

Environmental and Money Saving Methods

In today’s global economy, money is pretty tight for all of us. Whether you run your own business, work for someone else, study,  work for your kids, whatever the case may be, you need to watch your wallet. Additionally, we need to pay more and more attention to the environment. Going green in business or at home doesn’t necessarily mean paying a fortune for solar power or whatever else (although that doesn’t cost a fortune these days and is still highly recommended). Here are some simple GREEN ways to save […]

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How To Save Forests

How do we save the planets forests? ONE PAGE AT A TIME. I found this video today. And although it is a few years old, it is still relevant. Some may think it is a waste of time and somewhat ridiculous but if everyone did it, there would be less to worry about. So just do it. Reduce your font size, save paper, save the trees, reduce climate change etc. etc. Get it? Plus, think of it as a way to save yourself a few bucks, less printing costs.

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Help Water Rhapsody save water

Agriculture: Draining Us Dry?

South Africa is running out of fresh water. Any day now, you will turn on your kitchen tap and a bit of dust will fall out. It is said that agriculture is limited due to the availability of water yet farmers seem to be oblivious to the term “Water Management”. So apparently by 2025 South Africa will be out of water and the country’s economic hub (Gauteng) may even run dry by 2015. That’s the projection. People are starting to wake up to the rising electricity prices and are likely […]

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Water Rhapsody is encouraging you to save the earth

Why we need to save the planet…

Environmental issues are popping up all over the place. Obviously, the biggest problem lining the walls of the internet these days is climate change. It is highly talked about. And it deserves its talked-about status. It may spell the end of the world for the human race, one day. Other huge issue is waste management. What do we do with all the rubbish that continues to accumulate, year after year. The amount of trash that is building up in landfills and every inch of the ocean. Learn to recycle your […]

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