Greywater and Rainwater Harvesting

  • Everyday millions of people, like you, wake up and take a

    If its good enough for him its good enough for your garden

    hot shower before starting their day.

  • Some take an evening bath to wind down and relax while they soak in the tub.

  • Daughters enjoy the luxury of a long wash while attending to their locks.

  • For young children bath time is still a game of how to get you wet.

  • The bathroom tap runs while teeth are brushed, hands are washed and beard are shaved.

  • Family loads of washing flood the laundry daily.

  • An average four person household sends well over 125,000 litres of reusable water down the drain each year from bathrooms and laundries alone…

  • Rainwater fills your gutter and gushes out your downpipes to the stormwater drain.

  • The pool starts its backwash cycle, the water level drops as it drains.

  • and every time you flush, that’s more water gone to waste.

Where does all of that used water go?

If you have a septic system this water mixes with your black water (from flushing toilets) and eventually goes into the septic tank and drain fields. Possible ground or drinking water contamination could result. If you live in a municipality it might go into the sanitary sewer system.

In many parts of the country fresh water is scarce, especially during the hotter seasons of the year. Lawn watering contributes a great deal to freshwater depletion. Lower dam levels, groundwater and rivers result from increased fresh water usage.

There may be a better way…

Water Rhapsody greywater systems allow homeowners to filter greywater for use in watering gardens, plants and flushing toilets. Not disposing of greywater into septic systems keeps the septic tank and drain field from becoming overtaxed with fluids. In cities the sanitary sewer system also benefits from less volume of greywater to treat and process; preventing sewage spills.

What about Free Water?

This is possible too. If you could save up to 90% on your water bill and be off the grid and self sufficient over the rainy months then this option is for you. Rainwater harvesting offers you a unique sustainable solution to hand you your independence.

Modern rainwater harvesting systems allow the water tanks to be secretly placed away from the home and the soft rainwater to be send back into the house.

What are the options?

  1. Continue paying exorbitant amounts every month on high water bills to ensure your garden survives summer. Keep in mind the water restriction may prevent you from irrigating.
  2. Invest in a greywater system. Take the 125000 litres of water that gets drained to waste every year and irrigate your garden sanctuary. You will not only be exempt from water restriction, you will be saving the environment and your pocket.
  3. Store and Harvest the rainwater that falls on your roof. Use this water inside your home and gain independence from the municipal water supply.

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