Water Conservation: A Sunrise Industry comes to South Africa in 2010

Described by some as a “sunrise industry”, water conservation is fast catching on in all areas of southern Africa as individuas and companies realise that the demand for water is fast outpacing the decreasing supply. With the rolling out of its franchise model, Water Rhapsody is experiencing a sharp increase in demand for its water conservation systems. There seems to be an urgency whereby people wish to get off the grid and harvest their own rainwater. They have seen what has happened to energy in this country with Eskom being unable to supply sufficient power and having to increase tarrifs by staggering amounts. Economists have warned that the looming crisis in water will make the energy problems seem nothing in comparison to water issues.
Sales of Water Rhapsody greywater systems have rocketed as homeowners seek to water their gardens with filtered greywater that used to go down the bath or shower plug.
Water Rhapsody now have 15 dealers who all own their own franchises, located in most of the provinces around South Africa. Says Charles Bryant ” From the beginning of 2010, we have been inundated with demand from would be ecopreneurs looking to own their own businesses in this green industry” Water Rhapsody expect to more than double the number of franchises this year alone, with particular emphasis in Gauteng. The industry is in its infancy, but is truly an industry whose time has come.

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