Rainwater Harvesting – embracing the concept

Water Rhapsody, with 15 years experience in water conservation, is number 1 in South Africa in Rainwater harvesting systems.

Our rainwater harvesting system, the Water Rhapsody Grand Opus collects rainwater filtered through Rain Runners, and via water tank storage is then pumped back into the house for re-use in all areas save for drinking water. In combination with our grey water systems,  Water Rhapsody can reduce municipal water bills by up to 90%.
While grey water systems have been the mainstay of the Water Rhapsody business over the past 15 years, there has been a more recent trend by residential households to harvest rainwater. It is expected that South Africa will follow trends in Australia and the southern States of America and that rainwater harvesting will grow in popularity as people want to live off the grid.

Water Rhapsody has witnessed how it only takes a brief spell of water restrictions, together with a water tarrif  increase to set a flood of inquiries into the Grand Opus product. It is however a concept that is easy to embrace, and in rainy months the Grand Opus really comes into it’s own, as the ongoing collected rainwater substitutes municipal use.